dutch oven for camping with chicken and carrots over a campfire

4 of the Best Dutch Ovens For Camping: Plus Accessories [2020 Review]

There’s something special about cooking with a Dutch oven over an open flame underneath a starry sky. The best Dutch ovens for camping are a mixture of traditionalist design and modern quality, allowing any camper to indulge in an age-old cooking process which yields amazing (and tasty) results.

If you truly want to make the camping experience something special and wow friends and family with open-flame cooking which simply tastes different, using a top-quality Dutch oven over a campfire is the only way to go. Those not familiar with using a Dutch oven will be amazed by how simple they are to use, and those who have in the past will fall in love with the latest Dutch oven designs on the market.

If you’re in the market for a great Dutch oven for camping, we’ve got you covered. Below is our definitive list of the 4 Best Dutch Ovens For Camping (And One Key Accessory). We’ve also included a handy FAQ section for those who haven’t used a Dutch oven but are excited to do so!

Without further ado, here’s the list!

The 4 Best Dutch Ovens For Camping (And One Key Accessory)

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven

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Overmont Camp Dutch Oven
201 Reviews
Overmont Camp Dutch Oven
  • All-round Dutch Oven. The integral legs on both pot and lid allow the oven to sit perfectly over the campfire; the lid can also be used as a skillet for frying....
  • Well known as a Lifetime Pot. Compared with pots of other materials, the Overmont Dutch Oven is made of high quality cast iron, and will last a lifetime if...
  • Energy-saving and therefor good for the environment. Heat is evenly distributed and held, making it great for deep frying, searing and baking. It also has the...
  • Considering the considerable weight of cast iron, Overmont equips a lid lifter for the Dutch Oven. The durable handle also allows you to hang it over the open...

What Makes It Special?

Known as a “lifetime pot” to many of its satisfied customers, the Overmont Camp Dutch Oven comes in two sizes and offers unparalleled durability which only a true cast iron Dutch oven can claim. It’s even a true highlight among other cast iron Dutch ovens. It simply feels sturdier and holds up longer than a majority of the other Dutch ovens for camping on the market today.


  • There is simply no beating the cast iron constitution of this Dutch oven standout. If cared for properly, this Dutch oven will literally last a lifetime and maybe even longer!
  • Equipped with an added lid lifter to help those who struggle with the weight of the cast iron.
  • Legs on both the pot itself and lid make this the perfect Dutch oven to use over a campfire.


  • There have been a few complaints about certain models where the lid doesn’t sit level. It’s not on all models, but it has been noted.
  • The heaviness of this Dutch oven make it really hard to carry in and out of remote campsites without help.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven
1,778 Reviews
Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven
  • 8 QT. DEEP CAMP DUTCH OVEN. The Lodge portable “camp stove” is the pot that does it all. The flanged lid holds hot coals and inverts for use as a griddle....
  • PRE-SEASONED COOKWARE. A good seasoning makes all the difference. Lodge provides pre-seasoned cookware with no synthetic chemicals; just soy based vegetable...
  • MADE IN THE USA. Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (pop. 3,300) since 1896. With over 120 years of experience, their cast...
  • CAMP COOKING 101. Lodge knows that cooking is about more than just the food; it’s about the memories. Whether you’re roasting a chicken in the oven, or...

What Makes It Special?

One of the most versatile Dutch ovens ever released, the Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven is on this list due to its fantastic overall construction and an ingenious flanged lid which can be inverted and used as a griddle! You also get the benefits of the Lodge brand name – a Tennessee-based company who’s been making cast iron Dutch ovens which last a lifetime since 1896! 


  • The pre-seasoned treatment on this cast iron Dutch oven is as perfect as it gets. The more you use it, the better your slow-cooked meals are going to taste.
  • The integral legs on the bottom of the Dutch oven are both sturdy and perfect for cooking over an open flame outside or inside.
  • Comes with a really cool bonus in the Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101 cookbook.


  • A few models are out there with factory defects on the inside of the stove which need to be sanded out.
  • The handle isn’t as strong and well-constructed as the rest of the Dutch oven.

Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

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Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven
589 Reviews
Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven
  • 5-quart pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron dutch oven and casserole with a lid that doubles down as a skillet
  • Sturdy, integrated side handles on base and lid for secure transport and handling
  • Oven safe, hand wash recommended, unparalleled in heat retention and even heating
  • Included domed iron cover adds versatility and space for roasts

What Makes It Special?

The Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven is simply one of the most well-rounded entries on this list. It’s got real lifetime durability thanks to its powerful cast iron construction, but it also has some added perks including a domed iron cover which makes cooking roasts that much easier and effective. 


  • The integrated side handles on this Dutch oven are some of the strongest and most reliable handles on any Dutch oven we’ve tested.
  • Doubles as a casserole with a lid that can also be used as a skillet.
  • Boasts some of the best overall heat retention and even heating that you’re going to find in a Dutch oven for camping.


  • Some models of this Dutch oven have been known to lose their round shape over time which makes the lid fit awkwardly.
  • You’ll need to wash it before first use or you’ll have a black residue come off onto your food.

8-Piece CampMaid Dutch Oven Tool Set

CampMaid Dutch Oven Tool Set
15 Reviews
CampMaid Dutch Oven Tool Set
  • CAMPMAID 8 PIECE DUTCH OVEN SET WITH AWARD WINNING TOOLS. Purchased individually, This Cast iron set is valued at over $250.
  • Complete Set Includes: 12" Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Award Winning Lid Lifter that keeps cast iron lids off the ground and acts as a serving stand and...
  • Charcoal/Wood Holder Heat Source turns your dutch oven lid into a skillet, smoker and oven with included Trivet/Grill.
  • Heavy Duty Carry Bag holds every tool in one, including the 12 inch dutch oven. Our Accessories and tools pack down for easy storage.

What Makes It Special?

The cast iron Dutch oven alone is as good as it gets, but it’s the other useful goodies in the 8-Piece CampMaid Dutch Oven Tool Set which really make this an incredible bargain for camping and kitchen use! Included are a charcoal holder, a collapsible charcoal chimney, a sturdy Dutch oven stand, a lid lifter, a trivet, some high-quality gloves for handling, and even a carry case for storage or protection while porting! 


  • There isn’t another Dutch oven bundle out there which gives you this much quality and a comparable array of accessories for such a reasonable price point.
  • One of the sturdier cast iron Dutch ovens we’ve ever cooked with. It takes a beating while camping and isn’t phased!
  • The heat resistant gloves are such a nice added touch and are just as durable as everything else included in this package!


  • Some units have shipped with broken accessories or a marred Dutch oven itself. Check all items upon receipt and contact CampMaid if anything is amiss.
  • In addition, there have also been shipments with missing accessories or parts. Again, pay attention and check off all items to ensure they’re included.

Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod for Outdoor Campfire Cooking

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Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod
528 Reviews
Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod
  • ESSENTIAL OUTDOOR KITCHEN ACCESSORY: Nothing beats a meal cooked over a real fire, and the included nickel-plated chain with "S" hook makes that a snap at your...
  • STABLE 3-LEG DESIGN: The tri-leg design makes set up a breeze; you'll be ready to cook your dinner in no time!
  • STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Grill with confidence when hanging your food from this tri-pod; the durable steel poles are sure to withstand the test of time.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Prepare to hang your dutch oven, coffee or teapots, as well as other campsite accessories like lanterns, water jugs, or clothing - just don't put...

What Makes It Special?

The perfect camping cooking accessory and the best friend for any Dutch oven you plan on using, the Stansport Cast Iron Camping Tripod is a must buy for serious campers with gourmet-level cooking aspirations. Cooking over a raging campfire is made much safer by the sturdiness and overall design of the tripod itself, and the addition of a nickel-plated chain with included “S” hook ups the ease of use quotient considerably!


  • The tri-leg design is extremely intuitive and so easy to set up!
  • The three steel poles which make up the tripod are as strong as they come. You won’t have to worry about them bending or breaking when holding a full (and heavy) Dutch oven.
  • Cooking over a campfire can lead to unfortunate accidents. The safety-first design of this tripod and the included chain will reduce the chances of injury for the camping cooks in your party!


  • Not useful on uneven ground. Make sure that the tripod is set up on even terrain or you risk the Dutch oven tipping and spilling its contents.
  • The chain can be tough to adjust and hang just right. 


What are the advantages to cooking with a Dutch oven while camping?

Do you want to go way past the basics of cooking while camping and produce gourmet food worthy of hours spent in a traditional kitchen? A Dutch oven completely alters the equation of outdoors cooking, as their extremely thick walls and even heat distribution make the very most out of open flames.

The new breed of Dutch ovens either come pre-seasoned or are made of hard-anodized aluminum which eliminates the need to season them. That makes maintenance a complete breeze, so you have little to worry about except making showstopping food for your group of hungry campers. 

What can be cooked in a Dutch oven?

Do you want to make mind-blowing cornbread and/or a hearty stew to warm your friends and family’s bones on a cold camping night? Are you looking to simmer picture-perfect chili or braise premium cuts of meat evenly and easily every time?

Dutch ovens are a fantastic get either for outdoors cuisine or slow-cooking a wide variety of different dishes in your kitchen. 

Soups and sauces come together brilliantly when slow-cooked in a Dutch oven. Fried chicken crisps just right and is juicier than you’ve ever seen when done right in a Dutch oven. 

Want to bake some fresh bread and have hours to spare while camping? Just want to quickly boil some water and surprise your camping party with a tasty pasta dish? The possibilities are endless with the best Dutch ovens for camping. 

Closing Thoughts

Our list of the four best Dutch ovens for camping (plus one amazing accessory) leaves you with a choice to make. However, you can’t go wrong with any of our listed options when you want to go above and beyond and cook meals both you and your camping party will remember.

Grab one of the Dutch ovens highlighted above and your entire approach to food while camping will change dramatically. There’s a reason why this cooking technique has been a go-to for everyone from gourmet chefs to camping families for centuries – it simply works and works so well.