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5 Best Water Containers for Camping [2020 Review]

Preparedness is the hallmark of a good camper. When talking about the best water containers for camping, what we’re talking about is something that experienced campers truly covet. No matter where you’re camping or what kind of water supply is available there, having a trusty camping water container is critical – especially for long trips well off the beaten path.

Whether you’re bringing a water supply for a camping trip for primary use or as an emergency reserve, a proper water container for camping is a real essential. The most rugged of outdoors hearts can rough it through a lot of extreme situations, but a lack of water is not one of them.

If you’re an avid camper in the market for a great water container or you’re just starting your journey into the camping unknown, this article is for you. Not only are we about to reveal our definitive list of The 5 Best Water Containers For Camping, but we’ll also answer any questions you likely have about investing in one of these standout containers.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

The 5 Best Water Containers For Camping

1) Arrow Plastic Slimline Beverage Container

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Arrow Plastic Slimline Beverage Container
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and compact beverage container to fit into many spaces
  • Built in handle for easy carrying
  • Large opening so filling up, adding ice etc. is simple and easy

What makes it special?

A wonder of space-conscious design ingenuity, the Arrow Plastic Slimline Beverage Container is the perfect portable water container for camping. If you’ve got limited space in your camping supplies but don’t want to sacrifice your emergency water supply, this compact camping water container is the right compromise. 


  • The slimline design makes this the easiest water container for camping to pack in when there’s not much room to be had.
  • Features an extra large opening for easy water pouring or filling up with ice to chill your favorite beverage.
  • The built-in handle is calibrated perfect for easily carrying the container whether it’s filled or empty.


  • Limited (2.5 gallon) capacity compared to bigger options on this list.
  • Overall durability has been questioned by multiple customer reviews.

2) VINGLI 10 Gallon Tote Tank

Vingli 10 Gallon Tote Tank
  • ✔ 10 GALLON CAPACITY: Really a great companion for your outdoor camping, picnics, barbecues and RV adventures. (Package includes ONLY ONE tank.)
  • ✔ FOOD GRADE SAFETY: Plastic #2 (HDPE) means that the tank can be used to store fresh water for drinking. But we suggest not to contain direct drinking water....
  • ✔ PORTABLE: Integrated handles & 2 large wheels promote convenience in transportation. Special holes are available for extended handle to meet different...
  • ✔ READY TO USE: No extra tools are needed for installation. Also it features storage compartments to store matched hose and faucet accessories.

What makes it special?

Boasting food grade safety for water storage and an impressive 10 gallon capacity, the VINGLI 10 Gallon Tote Tank provides the perfect primary or backup water supply for any outdoors gathering or camping excursion. Complete with hose and faucet attachments for easy usage, this water container standout also has two durable wheels to make portability a snap! 


  • Extra large capacity made more impressive by how easy it is to maneuver and roll anywhere you need it.
  • Features both integrated handles and two large wheels so you have multiple options to move it from site to site.
  • Handy hose and faucet attachments made better by invaluable storage compartments.


  • Not intended for drinking water or other beverages. It’s a utility tank rather than a supplemental drink dispenser.
  • The plastic wheels can be extremely noisy on certain terrains. 

3) Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

Reliance Products 7 Gallon Rigid Container
  • Rigid, 7-gallon rectangular water container with molded contour grip
  • Space-saving design for easy storing and stacking when empty
  • New and improved screw-on vent; hideaway spigot for on-demand water dispensing
  • Suitable for outdoors activities and emergency water storage

What makes it special?

The Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container is the first of two Reliance Products containers on this list, and for good reason! It’s one of the most durable water containers for camping ever released, and that’s backed up by a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects! Whether you’re using it as a backup water supply or to serve drinks at an outdoors event, this extra strong container does it all!


  • Made of extra sturdy materials and fashioned to save space and allow for stacking.
  • Features a brand new screw-on vent design and a hideaway spigot which can be accessed easily to dispense beverages.
  • The molded contour grip makes carrying this camping water container very comfortable.


  • Hideaway spigot is prone to breaking without contact as time goes on.
  • Spigot attachment has been known to leak slightly when dispensing in certain models.

4) WaterStorageCube BPA Free Collapsible Water Container

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WaterStorageCube BPA Free
  • FOOD-GRADE ODORLESS GREAT TASTE: PE plastic made with highest quality USA raw material. Environmentally friendly non-toxic, No BPA PVC or DEHP, No plastic PVC...
  • LIGHT, COMPACT, PORTABLE AND REUSABLE Foldable space saving design store away easily. Remains soft and flexible even when cold yet retains shape and is easy to...
  • WORRY-FREE AND LEAK-PROOF Custom made lid and spigot with gasketless design means no leaks or parts to replace. Good spigot water-flow. Thicker lid to withstand...
  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND DAILY USE Enables you quickly and safely store all the water your family needs in the event of an emergency or natural disaster like...

What makes it special?

Other than its useful collapsible design, the real selling point of the WaterStorageCube Collapsible Water Container is its food-grade PE plastic which has zero plastic VC odor or taste residue. Whatever beverage you put into this container will come out tasting as it’s supposed to. This container is  available in three different sizes (1.3 gallon, 2.6 gallon, and 5.2 gallon), so it’s a winner for a variety of different uses!


  • The collapsible design has been reinforced with several different leak-proof measures including a customized lid and gasketless spigot.
  • The collapsible design also makes this one of the easiest containers to both store and port when limited space is a concern.
  • Comes with an added bonus – a 30 page Camping and Emergency Preparedness Survival Guide in eBook format!


  • The water spigot flow is slower than what would be ideal.
  • The attached loop for hanging from a tree or wall is a bit flimsy and may not hold on the 5.2 gallon option if the container is completely full.

5) Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style Rigid Water Container

Reliance Products 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style
  • 7-gallon jumbo-tainer style rigid water container
  • Combines the easy to carry shape of a traditional in a more contemporary
  • Features reliable tap style spigot and dual grip-through handles

What makes it special?

The second of Reliance Products’ peak-quality duo of camping water containers, the 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style Jumbo-Tainer provides a new durable spin on a classic design. The dual grip-through handles makes this camping container a complete breeze to carry, and the tap-style spigot makes pouring drinks an effortless endeavor!


  • Jerry Can style design with strong dual handles allows for most people to carry easily even if the spacious 7 gallon capacity is full.
  • Tap-style spigot is easy to use and pours without interruption.
  • Made of durable BPA free materials. This rigid camping water container simply lasts!


  • The sealing of the spigot will leak slightly on some units.
  • Can leave a bit of an aftertaste if water is left in the containers for an extended period.


What are the things which separate the best water containers for camping from the rest?

If you think all water containers for camping are created equal, think again. Don’t get fleeced by a company which professes quality and doesn’t deliver. 

There are three very important factors to keep in mind when searching for the perfect camping water container for you:

  • Structural Quality – This isn’t a water container that’s going to be sitting on your kitchen counter collecting dust. You need a water container that’s built with extremely sturdy materials and which is not going to spring a leak when thrown in with your other gear. The container’s likely going to take a beating from the elements, from overzealous campers, and from constant movement. Make sure it can hold up to all of that and more.
  • Capacity – Good campers prepare. The great campers overprepare. If you’re the using the contents of your water container as a primary supply, you’ll need to estimate how much water you’ll need for drinking, washing, cooking, and other tasks during the duration of your trip. Then, you’ll want even more just in case. If it’s an emergency supply, you’ll still want that much in the event things go awry. Make sure your water container for camping has enough capacity to meet these needs.
  • Collapsible or Non-Collapsible –  If you’re dealing with limited space in your vehicle or are trying to camp light, a collapsible camping water container may be your best option. Non-collapsible water containers tend to be a little more sturdy just based upon their overall constitution, but they will take more storage space overall.

One note: you should expect all plastic camping water containers worth buying to be BPA free. All entries on this list fall in line with this, so make sure any other options you consider also list BPA free in their product description.

Should I bring a camping water container if my campsite has access to drinking water?

The only way to answer this is with a resounding yes. Not only is in convenient to have your own personal water supply to draw from (especially if you’re at a busy campground during peak season), but things don’t always go according to plan.

If the water supply at your campground is compromised in some way or simply stops working properly,  you’ll be stuck without water if you don’t bring a container and will likely have to cut your trip short. And if an emergency takes place and you can’t get out of the camp area right away, you’ll be in dire straits.

It always pays to have extra water when you’re camping. Therefore, it always pays to have a quality water container for camping in your supplies. 

What are good uses for a camping water container when not used for camping?

The best water containers for camping don’t have to be just for camping. The water containers on our list above are also a fantastic option in case of a natural disaster which could compromise your neighborhood’s water supply. Having a backup plan in place with fresh drinking water could save your life and the lives of your family if first responders can’t get to you right away.

On a less serious note, the water containers above are also fantastic options for use on long road trips, at parties for serving a wide variety of different beverages, or for use on the sidelines for a sports team. The water containers highlighted above are durable and versatile, so there’s no real limit to the uses you can find for them.

Closing Thoughts

Our list of the best water containers for camping has something for every camper. Featuring durable construction and large capacities, you can’t go wrong with any of the five entries on the list above.

Don’t hesitate. Grab one of these top-quality water containers for your next camping trip and you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.